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Book cover for UMPIRE MENTORS

The concept of UMPIRE MENTORS is simple: it's a book designed to help any umpire - from beginner to seasoned veteran - learn and improve. The guiding question in creating the book was:

"If you could ask the best umpires in the world

the ultimate questions about

becoming a better umpire,

what would you ask them?"

So first we spent countless hours finding the answer, making sure we had the right questions. And we asked many, many high-level umpires their thoughts. The nine questions (plus bonus question) we're asking in this book, I believe, go to the heart of umpiring, and will go further toward helping people become a better umpire than many videos, instruction books or even clinics will.

If you're looking to improve as an umpire, UMPIRE MENTORS may be one of your most valuable tools.


  • What former Major League Baseball umpire Al Clark thinks is the most important thing an umpire can do to improve.

  • What College World Series and Hall of Fame umpire Jon Bible does to ensure a more consistent strike zone.

  • How Olympic umpire Ron Shewchuk adjusts to fix a bad game.

  • What Australian Baseball League umpire Gordon Wright says will help a good umpire become a great umpire.

  • How two-time World Baseball Classic and Olympic umpire Trevor Grieve uses game management to keep games on track.


  • What advice Cuban national umpire Adrian Pena has for beginning umpires.

  • What MLB Umpire Camps instructor and five-time College World Series umpire Dick Runchey thinks is the greatest thing about umpiring.


  • The umpire mentors in this book also tell stories - many for the first time - that range from hilariously funny to downright poignant and heart-wrenching.

Altogether, UMPIRE MENTORS contains almost 1,000 tips to help you become a better umpire!

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