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How to get in this book

It's simple. We're looking for the best, those umpires who have a history of helping others. If you've ever supervised, instructed or trained umpires, or worked at the international, college or professional level, we'd like to hear from you.

IMPORTANT: When you do contribute your answers to the 9 Questions, there are two other key things for you to do:

  • Supply a detailed umpire-specific bio. Your bio is important. Without it you can't be included in the book. And this is not a time to be modest. Advice from an umpire who has worked two Olympics, for example, carries a lot more weight than advice from a second-year umpire. So provide lots of detail, please. You can see an example of an umpire bio here.


  • PLEASE pass this website,, on to others you believe are qualified to answer the questions. The more knowledgeable and experienced the contributors are, the better the book will be, and the more the readers will learn.


Go to THE 9 QUESTIONS to get started!

Sample Bio

John Smith has been umpiring for 22 years. He went to the Jim Evans Academy of Umpiring in 1999 and from there he worked seven years in Minor League Baseball, working his way to the AA level in St. Petersburg, FL. After his Minor League career John returned home and he now umpires NCAA Division I baseball in the Big 10. In 2004 John worked the Division I Regional Finals and in 2008 he was selected to work the College World Series in Omaha, working third base in the final game. John is supervisor of umpires for his local association, the Sioux City Umpires Association, and he is also a past president of the association. John lives in St. Louis, MO, with his wife, Debbie and their two dogs, Strike and Three.

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