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UMPIRE MENTORS author Kent Walker

Kent Walker

KENT WALKER has been a nationally certified umpire in Canada for more than 25 years. He has worked international baseball as well, officiating at the World Junior Championships in 2002.

He has served on the Canadian National Umpire Committee and as a provincial supervisor for 20 years.

Kent has umpired at about 15 National tournaments and supervised six more.

He is one of only 12 officials in Canada to be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Umpiring.

Kent is a Senior Course Conductor, meaning he is qualified to train and supervise umpires at all levels in Canada.

In his other life, Kent has been an editor and writer for more than 30 years, working as editor at several newspapers across Canada and as publisher and editor at several magazines. He has also been a college journalism instructor.


Work like this could not be done by just one person. First of all, thanks have to be given to the 100 umpire mentors who willingly gave of their time and knowledge to help out.


STEVEN YATES: Steven is, simply, a genius. He's the guy who does the IT stuff, all the computer stuff, who makes the covers look nice, and makes the book fit into the parameters it needs to fit into. He put up with the author for waaaay too many hours, just to help out a friend.

HEATHER WALKER: Heather is a Microsoft Word guru, the one who makes everything look nice inside the book. She also gave willingly of her time to advise on overall design and ideas.

LINDSAY WALKER: A truly talented artist, it's Lindsay's artwork on the cover of the UMPIRE MENTORS Workbook. In addition, Lindsay, who is also a nationally-certified umpire in his own right, gave lots of advice and feedback throughout the many stages of putting the books together. You can see more of his gifted artwork at

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