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Do you want to become a better umpire?

Claim your copy of the best book for umpires since the rule book

  "Everyone who umpires or wants to umpire should get this book. Great job!"

- Dick Runchey, five-time College World Series umpire

One of the best ways for umpires to improve is to learn from mentors. In UMPIRE MENTORS, 100 top umpire mentors provide advice any umpire at any level could benefit from. Through answers to 9 key questions about the finer details of umpiring, they share their secrets and tips on how you can become a better umpire.


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What question do you need answered?

We asked all our 100 umpire mentors 9 questions, plus a bonus, extra-inning question.

Which one - or ones - would you like to know the answer to? Here are the questions:

  1. What’s the best thing about umpiring?

  2. What’s the worst thing about umpiring, or the worst thing that happened to you while umpiring?

  3. What can I do to ensure a more consistent strike zone?

  4. What’s the most important thing an umpire can do to improve?

  5. When you’re having a bad game, what do you do to fix it?

  6. What’s the hardest thing for an umpire to learn?

  7. What separates a good umpire from a great umpire?

  8. What’s your favorite umpire-related story?

  9. What advice would you give to an umpire just starting out?

   Extra-inning question: What’s your definition of game management and why is it important?

  "One of the best and most comprehensive umpire-to-umpire and official-to-official books I've seen and read.

  "So much good advice from so many umpires of different levels of competition. No umpire will be disappointed with this read."

- Al Clark, former MLB umpire

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You're also helping others

In addition to getting a book that will improve your umpiring, you're also helping others with your purchase. 10% of proceeds will be split between the charity Umps Care and the author's local umpire association.

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One of the ads for UMPIRE MENTORS

  "(Author) Kent Walker, an umpire himself, knew what great umpires knew. So Kent created an awesome resource for anyone who ever asked, 'What does it take to become a great umpire?

  "Insight and knowledge from 100 incredible men (and women) who have umpired from the smallest to the biggest games in baseball and everything in between. Congratulations on a book well done."

- Jim Bettencourt,

creator of the Baseball Rules

in Black and White book and app

Makes a great award

Not only is UMPIRE MENTORS the perfect gift for that special umpire in your life, it's also a great award for the top umpires

in your association. Give one to your Top Rookie Umpire, your  Umpire of the Year, or any other award winner.

And if you order 10 books or more, you get a 20% discount (in addition to any sale discount). Find out more about bulk orders here.

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UMPIRE MENTORS is not a small book. It's in 8x11.5-inch format, and it's an inch thick! It also weighs almost 2.5 pounds! That's because there's a LOT of information in there - almost 1,000 tips for all umpires, from beginners to veterans.

You will learn:

  • What former Major League Baseball umpire Al Clark thinks is the most important thing an umpire can do to improve.

  • What College World Series and Hall of Fame umpire Jon Bible does to ensure a more consistent strike zone.

  • How Olympic umpire Ron Shewchuk adjusts to fix a bad game.

  • What Triple-A umpire Jose Matamoros thinks is the hardest thing for an umpire to learn.

  • What Australian Baseball League umpire Gordon Wright says will help a good umpire become a great umpire.

  • How two-time World Baseball Classic and Olympic umpire Trevor Grieve uses game management to keep games on track.

  • What advice Cuban national umpire Adrian Pena has for beginning umpires.

  • What MLB Umpire Camps Instructor and five-time College World Series umpire Dick Runchey thinks is the greatest thing about umpiring.

  • The umpire mentors in this book also tell stories - many told for the first time - that range from hilariously funny to downright poignant and heart-wrenching.

Altogether, UMPIRE MENTORS contains almost 1,000 tips to help you become a better umpire.

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